27 March 2015

One Man Breaking Bad at the Rose Theatre was just what the packed house wanted

I am still working hard to get on with the Rose Theatre and I am still finding it harder than I should. I get their regular emails yet I failed to notice that this was on, or if I did see it advertised then it was in a way that did not appeal to me. It was only a chance conversation in the pub that alerted me to this and spurred me to get a ticket.

Obviously lot of other people were fully aware that it was on and the theatre was almost completely sold out by the time that I came to make m booking. This was despite all three levels of the theatre being open for the event, something that does not happen very often. My lateness meant that I got a side-on seat right at the end of the second row on the upper deck, B68 which cost me a mere £19.00.

The view from there was fine and it was so good to see the place full.

The One Man taking us through the complete Breaking Bad was actor Miles Allen.

He relied on few props and brought the many characters to life with a few simple-looking mannerisms. It was fantastic to watch the way that he slid between them quickly and effortlessly between the roles and it was this that added most to the show's success. Miles could act.

It was a clever abridgement that took us through the highlights of each series in a way that we could all appreciate, i.e. it was an honest interpretation, and did so in a way to emphasise the humour.

This was an entertainment, not a drama, and it was very entertaining.

To give just one example, in one very quick scene Miles made a buzzing noise like a fly and then appeared to swat it in his hands. He then told us that he had just saved us 45 minutes and we all laughed because we all remembered Fly, the tenth episode of series three.

One Man Breaking Bad not only entertained a packed house it showed the Rose Theatre that it is possible to get packed houses with the right shows, and that probably means less mainstream drama and more of a focus on pure entertainment.

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