12 December 2012

LIKE Christmas Social 2012

The LIKE Christmas Social 2012 followed much the same format as last year's simply because that one had worked so well.

The plan was to keep it small and informal, much like the monthly talks without the added complication of the talk.

The short summary of the evening would be to say that it was a dinner in the pub where they did all the work. It was the cosy scale and little touches that made it a LIKE event.

Logistics were against me and having booked for the dinner some weeks previously I then found myself working in Cardiff. And ill.

That meant a rush back and an over-running meeting meant that I was lucky to be only one train later than hoped.

The illness also meant that I spent the evenings of the previous evenings asleep when I should have been preparing the quiz, which I had volunteered to produced. As it was I sent the request for contributions just two days beforehand and actually produced the quiz on the morning of the event.

The idea was a variant on the baby photos theme except that the pictures could be any difficult to identify ones so we got things like people in ski gear as well as loads of cute children. Including me. We did a sheet for each person going and asked them to network to find out who each picture was of.

It may have been a little too easy as there were a number of correct answers by the time I arrived. Next year, assuming we do something similar again, then I will do some work with Photoshop to make them even harder.

The first three correct submissions got nice prizes from one of our sponsors.

We also repeated the Secret Santa with a £1 limit that we introduced last year. Again I was late with this and illness kept me out of Poundland (no regrets) but I managed to get a bag of chocolate coins from our canteen on the day. I got a rather nice Santa Claus cake decoration which has been put to good use.

The rest of the dinner followed the expected path with good seasonal food and tons and tons of good conversations. Also as expected it was a difficult decision to call it a night and head home. It was a brilliant evening.

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