16 November 2012

Twisted Candy at The Maypole

I've been trying to see Twisted Candy for some time and I finally got the chance, previous efforts having been thwarted by working away and theatre bookings.

So determined was I to see them that I was even prepared to go to The Maypole in Surbiton.

There was a time, in my active Labour Party days, when I would go there after meetings but it never really appealed then and it has not changed in the meantime. It's as old fashioned as pubs get these days.

But somebody likes old fashioned and the place was packed and it took some effort to get served despite the four staff behind the bar.

I also had to squeeze in to a corner of the bar in order to see the band, hence the very side on shot. The line-up is fairly standard with lead guitar, bass guitar, drums (hidden behind the bass) and lead vocals. The three men play well but seem to delight in moving the minimum amount required to play their instruments. That means all the focus is on the leading lady who dresses the part and uses a wireless mike so that she can move the part too.

Twisted Candy are something of the wrong age for me. They are too young of play the early classics, the one exception being a Led Zep song, and are too old to play the more recent harder rock of Linkin Park et al.

Instead they play stuff like Guns n' Roses, and I only know that because they told me.

I was in a confused minority though and there was a great deal of dancing and singing-along, and too much for it just to be the family of the band.

Their exuberance was infectious and encouraged me to stay later than the choice of music otherwise would.

The pub was not much of a draw either with a below-average Youngs Ordinary the only decent beer on offer.

The band were good though. The playing was tight and skillful, and the lead singer led and sang well.

Twisted Candy are playing again soon and in another Surbiton pub. I'll be there.

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