8 September 2012

To Zurich by train

Another holiday another collection of interesting train journeys.

First was an early Eurostar from London to Paris. I had originally planned at travelling at 10:30am but the tickets I chose were bagged as I was paying for them so I had to go at 8:30am instead. Bit of an early start but no problem.

Paris was something of an unusual destination as I have mostly gone via Brussels and then on to places like Cologne, Berlin and Amsterdam.

In Paris it was a couple of hops on the RER from Gare du Nord to Gare de Lyon where I had an hour or so to wait for the next train. That time was pleasantly filled in the nearby Le Killy-Jen cafe that provided beer and caprese. Paris provided the warm sunshine.

Next stop Zurich.

I arrived there late afternoon and after a quick check-in at the hotel was out to start the sight seeing.

I headed for the river, always a good place to start.

The sun was quite low by then and the old buildings on the west-side of the Limmat River were looking a little old, grey and miserable.

The "old" bit was justified as some of these buildings date back to the 1500s.

Hints of grandeur to be discovered the next day could be seen peaking above the houses and even their faded fronts showed enough charm to invite a closer inspection in brighter times.

The river is wide and flows freely at this point. It's depth would not scare a cat.

On the east bank the falling sun still had a job to do making sure that we noticed the equally old but somewhat grander buildings that live on that side.

Taking pride of place in the view are the twin towers of the Cathedral. But that is a tale for another day.

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