8 August 2012

Black Shot Rose at the Fox and Duck

Black Shot Rose were the jam in an odd musical sandwich. I went to the opera on Friday and Sunday but on the Saturday I went to the Fox and Duck for some heavy metal.

The pub puts a banner outside adverting that week's band but that is usually handwritten and the 65 bus goes past too fast for me to read it. So I use the Lemonrock iPone app instead.

This told me that the band on were Black Shot Rose and that they are a metal covers band doing songs by the likes of Metallica, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin.

No further invitation was needed.

Musically they sound as if they grew up listening to Metallica and then discovered their dads' Led Zep albums. They play all eras heavy metal with the carefree thrashy sound of eighties America rather than the slower more poetic style of Britain in the seventies.

It works and I loved their reinterpretation of songs like Free's All Right Now. I loved their other stuff too even though the more recent songs were unfamiliar to me and some were completely unknown. For example, they finished with a sing by System of a Down who I had heard of but I could not name any songs or albums by them.

They were loud too and that always helps. The police made an appearance around 11:30 but they were politely informed that everything was within the rules and nothing changed other than to be absolutely certain that they finished before the midnight curfew.

As musicians they were all very good and the sound they made was rumbustious, driving and solid.

These were not really my songs (with a few exceptions) so I would probably not go too far out of my way to see Black Shot Rose again but I'll certainly go if/when they make a return visit to the Fox and Duck.

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