9 July 2012


There are two stories here. I'll do the technology one first.

This was another example of the new frictionless digital economy. I knew nothing about this comic until I saw a tweet from I N J Culbard with a link to an article showing how Richard Corben used computer models to design the scenes for this comic.

Richard Corben is an acknowledged master of the comic book art so I was immediately interested in the book. It's available digitally so I downloaded the first issue to my iPad.

When I got to the end of the first issue the Dark Horse app conveniently asked me if I wanted to buy the next one. I did, and the next two after that to complete the full set of four. And I did all that lying in bed on a Saturday morning.

The reason that I bought all four issues is simply because it is a great comic.

The art is what drew me to it and that easily lived up to my high expectations.

This title page says it all. We have the dark mysterious and seriously Gothic castle and the litter of bones with Corben distinctive round style.

It happens to be in black and white which is unusual for mainstream comics these days but is entirely appropriate for a dark horror comic.

I bought the first issue of Ragemoor for the art work and I bought the series for the story.

It is fairly mainstream and has some familiar story elements but it has several twists and surprises that make it a gripping and satisfying story.

Combining the two stories, it is the ease of discovering and buying new comics that I love the most about the new digital world, especially when they lead to comics as good as Ragemoor.

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