6 June 2012

RHS Chelsea Flowers (2012)

The show gardens grab most of the attention at the RHS Chelsea Show and that is unfair as the displays of flowers in the large Pavilion are just as much part of the day out.

The Pavilion is laid out on a grid (more or less) and that means that it is fairly easy to come up with a route that takes in every stand. The hard part is keeping to the plan and resisting all temptations to veer off course to another stand that catches the eye.

There is just so much to see and enjoy that it is even harder to pick just a few pictures out than it is for the show gardens so I have decided to go for the more exotic and unusual. That's not to say that they are better than the roses, tulips, foxgloves, orchids and all the other flowers on show, it is just that I needed some way of filtering the pictures.

This is the display sponsored by Waitrose and is very similar to the one they've had in previous years, but why change a winning formula? What I like about the display is the way that they use anything that has the right colour, such as the pears in the bottom right.

The foreign displays are, obviously, even more exotic that their UK cousins with their unusually shaped flowers. I think that this display is from South Africa, not that it really matters if, like me, all you want to do is appreciate the shapes and colours.

Last year we had floral elephants and this year the same people had another large Asian themed display with, amongst other things, this dragon boat.

I do not have a clue what these are or where they came from. I like them a lot though.

This display brought lots of admiring gasps from visitors while i was there, and understandable so. The who display was a recreation of one of Monet's water lily paintings, you can see the bridge in the background on the right, and the centrepiece was the painting itself composed in petals.

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