14 February 2012

Willoughby Pub Quiz (February 2012)

Having been lured back in to the Willoughby Arms Pub Quiz in December I was soon called in to action again. I suspect that this had more to do with my willingness to set another quiz rather than any great enthusiasm for the way that I set them.

This time I did rounds on: Parks, Gardens and Recreation Grounds in Kingston upon Thames; TV Spin-offs, e.g. Holby City comes from Casualty; Top Scorers, e.g. Monty Panesar took 69 wickets for Sussex; EU Leaders; No. 1 singles on 27 January starting with 1957 and Frankie Vaughan's "The Garden of Eden"; and Advertising Slogans, e.g. "Finger lickin' good" was used by KFC.

As usual some of the rounds proved to be harder than others. I expect people to do better on the round on Kingston than they did but I knew that the round on EU leaders would be low-scoring. The TV and Advertising Slogan rounds proved to be the easiest and I think we even got some 10/10s.

I followed up my picture round from the last time on cartoon cats with an equally easy one on cartoon dogs.

This is the one round where I did not have to write the answers down as all of these dogs are very familiar to me.

How many can you name?


  1. Please could you provide the answers to the cartoon dogs quiz.

  2. Can you provide answers to the dog quiz please?


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