16 January 2012

Kingston upon Thames Society Committee: January 2012

Having agreed to join the committee of the Kingston upon Thames Society I then found myself working in Cardiff when I should have been attending their monthly meetings and it took me until January to arrange a work at home day so that I could attend.

We meet in one of the committee members' houses and the location rotates. This month I had a pleasant walk of 3.15 Km that took me 29 minutes according to my phone and the useful iMapMyWalk app.

The Society concerns itself with development matters and there were a few significant topics to get our teeth in to. Tolworth Broadway might be about to lose its hideous and divisive barriers, Seething Wells might finally get a sympathetic development and Primark might get an awful lot bigger.

On societal matters we discussed our application for a grant to the Heritage Lottery Fund (somehow I got volunteered to do that), our AGM on 18 January (when I'll be in Cardiff again), possible speakers for future events, holding a garden party or other such social event, publicity, membership and the website.

We also drifted on to some of our favourite topics like Huf Haus (we love them, some residents hate them) and buses (we love them too).

I found it an interesting and productive meeting and I look forward to get more involved in things like publicity where I can exploit my talents and my interests.

A few months in to the new role and I'm still glad that I agreed to join.

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