6 June 2011

A new album of old Fischer-Z songs

I've not bought any music for quite a while but I was quick to get this.

John Watts has re-recorded the most famous songs from Word Salad, Going Deaf for a Living and Red Skies Over Paradise in a contemporary way.

The admirable reason for doing this is to raise money for the War Child charity, which helps children suffering in war zones. People like me made pledges to buy Fischer-Z memorabilia using PledgeMusic.

These are fantastic songs that I have loved for thirty years and it's a real treat to hear them in new recordings with a richer more engrossing sound.

This is John's choice of songs and they are all singalongtastic and while it is disappointing that Remember Russia is missing the sheer joy of hearing new versions of classics like Berlin, So Long and Battalions of Strangers more than makes up for this. Battalions of Strangers is now my ring-tone.

And there is a cute bonus too with the addition of Dark Crowds of Englishmen. This is an unreleased song from the 80’s that John wrote and recorded as a Fischer-Z tribute to the coal miners who were battling with Margaret Thatcher at the time.

Things do not get much better than an undiscovered anti-Thatcher song by Fischer-Z!

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