3 March 2011

Liberty shirts are always in fashion

Liberty remains my favourite shop on the planet.

I wear a Liberty tie to work every day and a bow tie to the opera, sometimes with a matching handkerchief in the jacket pocket. I used to wear those to work too but fashions change.

I have a fond collection of casual shirts for the weekends that get reluctantly relegated to wear-when-gardening pile when too worn for public consumption.

I was in heaven when I worked just 100m away but times move on and I have fewer opportunities to get there these days; but it's still fun when I do.

I had one of those opportunities recently and it was good to see lots of Liberty fabric shirts as in some periods they have been rather thin on the ground. Sadly they now cost £150 so I'll need a pretty good excuse to buy some more.

In the meantime I can look admiringly at them and dream.

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