15 June 2010

When Logica was cool

A chance meeting in an underground station a few weeks ago led to a conversation on comics that, in turn, reminded me of when Logica embraced the media to promote its annual report.

That was back in 1988 and it took a lot of effort to find a copy! Logica itself only has two and I mangled one of those under a photocopier to rescue some of the better pages for electronic posterity.

The cover sets the scene well with the familiar Beano logo topping a collage of comics greats including Ian Gibson's rendition of Judge Dredd and Asterix the Gaul's companion Obelix, both fairly well know in the UK.

And I really like the way that international comic characters are used too, such as Astro Boy, who is even older in me!

The rest of the report is decorated with scenes from more comics from around the world and one day I'll find a way to get decent copies of all of them.

Perhaps there's still a copy of the report in my study somewhere ...

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