2 December 2009

BCSA Annual Dinner

As it says on the poster (that I wrote!), "the BCSA Annual Dinner is the main event in the BCSA calendar and while the speakers, refreshments and raffle are important, the evening is really all about meeting and making friends.

"The evening includes a drinks reception, three course set menu with wine, guest speaker and a raffle with many excellent prizes."

And it proved to be as good as I said that it would be!

Unfortunately the atmospheric lighting and the dark walls made it hard to take pictures of the whole room full of happy guests but this one of the table that I was on should give some clue of what the evening was like.

The organiser did her usual good work on sitting me on a table of interesting Slovaks, including somebody from the Slovak Embassy in London, so the evening was full of good conversations as well as good food and drink.

And the evening was made even better by the after dinner, Sam Walters director of the Orange Tree Theatre, who explained his Czech connections in an interesting and entertaining talk. I was pleased to get some time with Sam and his wife to explain how much I like their theatre!

It was a great evening!

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  1. Sounds like a great evening, food, drink and culture! BTW what's your connection with these two countries anyway? Something I might have missed or forgotten.


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