2 March 2009

Hoaxwind rock!

Technically it was a Dumpy's Rusty Nuts concert but I was there to see the support act, Hoaxwind, having previously tasted a short set of theirs as part of a three-act Hawkwind tribute concert. This time they had around an hour to demonstrate their prowess to a room full of getting-on-a-bit rockers at The Peel in Kingston, and they did it very well.

Coming the day after a Space Ritual concert it was interesting to note the contrasts and the similarities between then two.

Hoaxwind very much focus on the Bob Calvert era Hawkwind of the late 70s, hence Julian's flying goggles and scarf, whereas Space Ritual now play a lot of their own material and a few early Hawkwind classics.

Both play Master of the Universe and Sonic Attack but Hoaxwind also play tracks like Psychedelic Warlords, Hassan-i Sabbah and Quark, Strangeness and Charm.

The seven men of Hoaxwind line up on stage in almost the same formation as the seven men of Space Ritual with, going left to right, electronics, lead guitar, drums, lead vocals/saxophone, bass and keyboards.

The differences are Space Ritual have one person doing the vocals/saxophone stuff whereas Hoaxwind have two and Space Ritual have two people on electronics to Hoaxwind's one. However, the end result is much the same, a rich and complex sounds that bubbles, squawks, enchants, captivates, engulfs and rocks.

Here we see Hoaxwind's doing their version of Sonic Attack with "Tiny" on guest vocals. And it was their version too as Hoaxwind do not copy the Hawkwind originals they represent them in a way that best suits their line-up and also takes advantage of thirty years of listening to and appreciating the music.

I enjoyed my first short Hoaxwind concert enough to go and see them again and the second time was so much better, thanks to the bigger stage and longer set, that going to see them again is a real no-brainer. That will be on 13 June at the Grey Horse.

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